Green Giesse

Giesse was born with a green soul.

Green is the colour already chosen in 1965 for its brand.


In 2006 Giesse launched the "GIESSE   LIGHT LESS" project.

It is a project for energy consumption optimization and environmental protection which now consists of:

Co-generation system

quotation mark Giesse was born with a green soul.
Since 2006 Giesse louched the project LIGHT LESS GIESSE.

The co-generation system consists of an engine used to convert the natural gas of the mains supply into mechanical energy and to recover the heat energy contained in the engine's exhaust gas.

Using the new system has reduced the CO2 emissions of the plant's existing burners. In addition, the savings in mains electricity consumption contribute to the reduction in the CO2 emissions of the electric power plants.

The primary energy savings obtained with the co-generation reduces the release of CO2 into the atmosphere by more than 40% for the same amount of energy supplied to the users.

Photovoltaic system covering the plant:

A photovoltaic system has been running at the Fossatone di Medicina plant since October 2010, comprising 3600 solar panels, for a total of 9000 square meters.

Thanks to the clean energy generated, GIESSE saves approximately 388 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions with a saving of 140 TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent) per year.

Research and development to the benefit of the environment

All Giesse products are processed and painted in the in-house plant using exclusively thermosetting, non-toxic powder coatings. This allows compliance with the environmental regulations and policies for the protection and safety of workers.