The goal of Giesse is to work professionally in accordance with the core values of Quality, Innovation and Design in conceiving, implementing and marketing solutions for manual and automatic window opening and closing.

The Giesse brand is a byword for many values, but it primarily brings opportunity for those who choose it, in Italy as well as in every other part of the world. We are talking about opportunities with the introduction of Q.I.D., a philosophy aimed at total customer satisfaction through three main parameters: Quality, Innovation and Design. Our products stand out for their technological innovation combined with aesthetics and design strictly Made in Italy. Technological innovation cannot be separated from using eco-sustainable production systems, and this is why Giesse "thinks green", seeking materials, treatments and production systems with low environmental impact, while maintaining and sometimes improving product quality standards.

quotation mark Our values are Quality, Innovation and Design.
Our products feature
technological innovation
combined with
aesthetics and design;
strictly Made in Italy.