Asia and Kora door handles

Aestethic design and great performance

Giesse expands its range of models for double handles adding Asia and Kora.

In Asia and Kora door handles, aestethic design and great performance are perfectly combined. Asia and Kora are perfect for all applications, from residential to public buildings, thanks to their reliability and durability.

The internal handle mechanism, designed to last a long time, ensures excellent levels of reliability and resistance. All Giesse double handles were successfully tested 200,000 cycles in accordance with EN1906 which defines the requirements and test methods for handles and knobs for doors.

The fixing base has a double c/c distance of 43 and 50 mm, covering the different market standards. The base has 4 holes for using additional screws when changing the handle. The handle rotor is equipped with a mechanical stop that safeguards the end stroke of the spring, preventing damage and consequent breakage, in case of incorrect operation. The plate cover provides instant access to the fixing screws by simply rotating the cover.

Asia and Kora lines, with unique and modern design, include handles for internal, external and sliding opening windows and doors, Lift-and-Slide and Tilt-and-Slide handles and the innovative NP Supra handle. The same design for all openings, in a great variety of finishes. Giesse handles are available with Base Primer pre-treatment, which allows the customer to paint them autonomously in the desired finish.