C.H.I.C., NP Supra and Giesse NP Technology

A new standard in aluminium windows

The world of aluminium fenestration is evolving towards an aesthetically and technologically advanced window, with ultra slim profiles and concealed hardware. The possibility to reduce the encumbrance of sash and frame profiles to the bare minimum signals a move toward more modern, architecturally innovative looks. Thanks to the larger glass surface compared to the window dimensions, it also means more daylight and improved thermal performance. This new trend reflects an important development of aluminium windows compared to PVC, the profiles of which can’t be reduced yet for the benefit of more glass.

A new generation of windows calls for a new generation of technologically advanced hardware: C.H.I.C. (Concealed Hardware Innovative Components) and the NP SUPRA handle with exclusive Giesse NP (Non Plus) technology. Giesse launches its revolutionary concealed hinge system for sash and tilt-and-turn windows, which can be used to create a new kind of window, featuring a frontal section with ultra slim profiles and total concealment of the hinges within the profile.

C.H.I.C. is the GIESSE concealed hinge system for windows that features a 180° opening, a maximum load capacity of 100kg, quick and simple installation, 3D hinge adjustment — i.e. height, width and compression, with the window already installed — and inventory optimisation.  Concealed hinges eliminate the requirement for coloured finishes.

And there's more: C.H.I.C.  wasn’t developed for tilt-and turn windows in premium buildings only, it’s designed to meet the requirements of all situations that call for the installation of tilt-and-turn windows, combining a modern design with quick, simple installation and the possibility to open up to 180°. C.H.I.C. is adaptable to different types of profiles using the same accessories, and can therefore be used with the majority of inward opening systems available on the market. With C.H.I.C. tilt-and-turn accessories, the opening sequences (standard or Logica) can be changed without replacing any components.

C.H.I.C. is offered to the market in conjunction with NP Supra, which combines the simplicity of a cremone with the looks of a casement window handle. The exclusive Giesse NP technology minimises machining operations on the profile, making assembly quicker and simpler. Thanks to their notably compact dimensions, NP Supra components are installed without any need to work the inside of the profile, which means aluminium sections can be streamlined, and glazing surface areas increased.


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