GS3000 Lift-and-Slide

Design and performance

The GS3000 Lift-and-Slide system combines the advantages of traditional sliding windows, such as ease of operation and minimum encumbrance of open sashes, with those of a side-hung window, including optimal thermal and acoustic insulation and resistance to the ingress of air, water and dust.

The GS3000 Lift-and-Slide system is available in two versions, one for sashes up to 150 kg in weight and one for sashes up to 400 kg. The complete range of hardware available makes it possible to create sashes of up to 3750 mm in height with three different handle styles and a wide range of finishes.

Opening and closing movements are perfectly smooth and silent. The system is equipped with a safety device to dampen the handle return movement. The possibility of micro-ventilating the room, thanks to a special locking point, completes the many pluses of the GS3000 Lift-and-Slide system.

The hardware system for the GS3000 Lift-and-Slide system is safe, even when handling very heavy sashes. It is essential to protect the safety of the person moving the sash by controlling the handle return movement during the closing phase, to avoid recoil movements that can be hazardous for small children in particular.

The GS3000 drivegear can be easily equipped with a damper spring to control the return force of the handle during the sash closing phase. This component allows safe operation of the sliding door by any user.

The GS3000 Lift-and-Slide system extends its range of handles with the Asia, Kora and Prima lines in a huge assortment of colours, including the silver anodised, Trend NickelSat, and Trend CromoSat finishes, and Base Primer pre-treatment for independent coating with the required paint finish.