Varia Slim Plus Actuators

Why extract smoke and heat?

When there is a fire, smoke and toxic gases endanger people's lives. Statistics confirm that almost all cases of death, in fires in buildings, are caused by poisoning due to inhaling toxic gases and fumes rather than by the rapid rise in temperature.

In case of fire, the spread of smoke indoors causes serious damage to facilities and equipment. Lowering the temperature or delaying its increase preserves the stability of buildings and facilitates fire fighting, creating visibility in areas of access, reducing temperatures in higher areas and delaying the fire from spreading sideways.

All smoke and heat extraction systems are a key component in the prevention and containment of fires. Choosing the appropriate system according to the structure of the building and its construction provides the best solution to save lives and prevent damage.

Using an integrated smoke and heat extraction system combined with actuators is designed to protect and ensure the greatest survival of people, facilitating the extraction of hot air and smoke from the premises. Automatically creating a lower smoke-free zone at floor level, clearing stairwells and hallways and decreasing the concentration of toxic gases facilitates the visibility of escape routes for people and facilitates access to emergency vehicles. For this purpose Giesse Varia Slim Plus actuators have been designed and tested to be combined with integrated systems and windows for smoke and heat extraction, in accordance with the European standard EN12101-2.

With Giesse Varia Slim Plus actuators you can install just one actuator for smoke extraction and for natural ventilation.