Outward Opening

Giesse, the leading hardware manufacturer, has expanded its product range with a specific program for outward opening windows.

The Group's process of internationalization has led the company to compete in the design of solutions for this type of opening, which is one of the most popular, especially in those markets where architectural accomplishments are often synonymous with great building and where outward opening is widely used.

Innovation and continuous technological research, historical values ​​at Giesse, then created a system of arms and hardware that soon became a point of reference on the market, also characterized by unique attention to functionality, performance and design.

The desire to offer a range of quality products combined with an attractive, contemporary look created the Ghibo mechanism that enables using any type of window handle: a freedom never seen before in the choice of shapes and finishes.

Giesse also offers an exclusive series of arms dedicated to Standard Euro Groove systems (11.5 mm stack and 15-20 mm channel) to permit multi-locking that gives windows accessorized with Giesse hardware peak performance: self-positioning arms in the channel, simple and quick to assemble for precise installation. Quality then in terms not only of technical performance, but also of use.

All GIESSE outward opening arms are made of Austenitic Steel (AISI 304 stainless steel) and tested according to the main European technical standards in force.